Why Give to Arizona Assurance?

If Arizona wants to compete in the global economy, it must increase its investment in a highly educated and skilled workforce. We must ensure that our best and brightest students have access to the University of Arizona, where they can interact with cutting-edge researchers to find solutions to society’s current challenges, including medical cures, energy sources and environmental solutions.

The University of Arizona, the leading research university in the American Southwest, is making the dream of a college education an affordable reality for Arizona residents. The Arizona Assurance Program provides Arizona’s low-income students with the chance to pursue the best educational opportunities the state has to offer.

Financial assistance and success programming allows qualified Arizona residents to graduate from the UA as debt free as possible. This is achieved with a combination of resources for each student including:

  • Pell Grant
  • Work-Study Job
  • Public & Private Scholarships

“Arizona Assurance is not just a scholarship, it is more than that. It helped me transition to college. It’s a community that cares about you. On top of helping you with funding, they also give you the skills to complete your degree successfully.”

- Raul Bravo-Arizmendi
Class of 2015
Film & Television Production

Student Benefits

Arizona Assurance provides scholars with:

  • a stable financial source to fund their education without accumulating significant financial debt
  • student-success services such as faculty and peer mentoring and career or graduate school preparation
  • outreach to scholars, potential scholars, their families and school counselors
  • financial advice and guidance
  • leadership enrichment and community involvement opportunities

Investing in Tomorrow's Workforce

The Arizona Assurance Program is an investment in the future of our state. By providing a college education to students who cannot afford higher education, we dramatically affect their future earning power and quality of life. The program is a tremendous step forward in growing the future workforce Arizona needs.

Ways to Give

The Arizona Assurance Program is funded through a combination of public and private support. Checks to UAF/ Arizona Assurance Endowment will sustain the program in perpetuity. Donors who prefer that their gifts be used as immediate scholarships may write their checks to UAF/Arizona Assurance Scholarships. Checks can be mailed to:

UA Foundation
1111 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721

or give online at: UAFountation.Org - Arizona Assurance