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Specific questions about your FAFSA; work study funding; information related to other scholarships or loans; AZA funding requirements related to GPA, units, and FAFSA submission date. 

This is a great question to ask the Office of Financial Aid. It depends on whether you are an incoming or continuing University of Arizona student. AZA frequently asked questions can be found on this webpage: Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid - Arizona Assurance Program .

Your financial aid depends on a number of factors. For a complete breakdown, look in your Student Center on the Financial Aid tab. For questions about your aid, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) 

Administration Building, Main Floor | P: 520-621-1858


Advisor forms are online and should be completed by your academic advisor. Go to the Academic Advisor tab and click on “Academic Advisor Form for Arizona Assurance.” Advisor meetings and forms should be completed once in the fall and once in the spring.

If you miss a requirement you will lose your funding and need to appeal. You can talk with an AZA Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator for more information.

Before dropping below 12 units, please meet with your AZA Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator to determine how this may impact your overall financial aid and academic progress. 

These units are strictly for Arizona Assurance renewal. If you have other scholarships or aid that also require a unit completion, you must adhere to each scholarship's requirements. AZA unit calculations are based on the cumulative total, and not per semester or academic year. Cumulative units are calculated as the number of units passed, not the number of units taken, and all units must be taken through the University of Arizona.

  • First Year of Funding – 24 units by the end of the academic year
  • Second Year of Funding – 48 units by the end of the academic year
  • Third Year of Funding – 72 units by the end of the academic year

Arizona Assurance requires all students to be full time (12 units) at the University of Arizona in order for aid to disburse. You are always allowed to take additional classes at Pima, or any other community college, but you must also be enrolled in 12 UArizona units. If you want more information about this policy please see an AZA or OSFA representative.

All continuing Arizona Assurance students who submit their FAFSA by March 1st of the current academic year; remain Pell Grant eligible; and maintain continuous, full-time enrollment are CONDITIONALLY renewed until the remaining requirements can be verified.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS must be completed by the end of April of the current academic year. 

2.0 CUMULATIVE GPA & UNITS will be checked after grades post in May. Students who are not reaching the 2.0 cumulative GPA or not meeting the unit requirement for the year AND are registered for summer courses will have their GPA and units checked again in August prior to the start of classes. GPA AND UNITS ARE NOT CHECKED AFTER THE FALL SEMESTER.

Incoming first-year students will begin receiving communication prior to their New Student Orientation session. Our office will continue communicating with students throughout the summer. There is a mandatory Welcome Dinner for all new AZA recipients the Friday prior to the first day of classes in the fall semester. The AZA team will continue reaching out to first-year students throughout the first month of classes to ensure they know who their peer mentor is and have their first meeting scheduled. 

Continuing second, third, and fourth year students will receive a communication email the second week of classes. This email will include a link to choose their program requirement as well as a reminder about renewal criteria for the year. 

Click on the PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS tab up top and choose your year of funding to view the requirements for this year.

The Arizona Assurance Program is located in the Bartlett Academic Success Center, Suite 102 in the Thrive Center - 1435 E. 4th Street

P: 520-626-3789 | E: