Programs Requirements

We are committed to your success as an Arizona Assurance recipient. For this reason, we have developed program requirements that align with your college journey. These should enhance your experience and support you through key milestones in your career as an undergraduate. In your first year, we are focused on the transition into the University and establishing your Wildcat network. The second year is designed to take a deep dive into your major choice and career path, while planning what the rest of your college experience should include. The third year is focused on that next steps after graduation -- will you be going on for more schooling or entering the workforce? Finally, the fourth year is preparing you for life after college and all that comes along with the benefits of having attained a bachelor's degree, as well as thinking about what it means to "adult."

AZA program requirements do not change very often, so feel free to look ahead by clicking through the tabs above or to the left to see what you'll be expected to participate in from year to year.