Partner Programs

Arizona Assurance partners with a number of campus programs to encourage students to be involved beginning with their first semester or even earlier.  Active participation in one of these programs in addition to participation in Arizona Assurance, is shown to have a significant positive impact on student experiences and increase the likelihood a student will stay at the UA. 

New Start is a summer program to help students gets acquainted with the University of Arizona before starting their first fall semester.  Students have the opportunity to complete 6-7 units of course work, learn about resources on campus, and connect with other students.  New Start students can live on campus which also provides a great opportunity to build community before the school year begins. Learn more about New Start

Blue Chip is a first year experience that can be continued through graduation.  Focusing on leadership development, Blue Chip allows students to explore the foundations of leadership while participating in team building activities, doing community service, and engaging in personal and professional development.  Students are placed in small groups that do activities together throughout the first year, making the program ideal for meeting other students. Learn more about Blue Chip

First Cats is UA's community of first-generation college students! First Cats are are connected to a vibrant community of students who share their background. Participants are integrated into campus by participating in regular meetings with Cat Coaches (peer mentors), workshops, and planning for career or graduate school. Learn more about First Cats.

The Cultural Learning Communities merge culture, identity and academic support through workshops and peer mentoring. First year students seeking a culturally enriching experience, and who also identify as African American/Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American/American Indian, or Hispanic/Latinx/Chicanx are able to participate in one of our four Cultural Learning Communities.

  • CLC: African American Student Affairs
  • CLC: Native American Student Affairs 
  • CLC: Asian Pacific American Student Affairs 
  • CLC: Guerrero Student Center

Each community has been created in partnership with the associated Cultural Center (African American Student AffairsAsian Pacific American Student AffairsNative American Student AffairsGuerrero Student Center) on campus. The learning communities provide participants with the opportunity to connect with other students who identify as being from the same cultural background, while also focusing on campus and community engagement, personal growth, academic excellence, and a diverse UA experience.

This is accomplished through workshops, peer mentoring, cultural events, and guest speakers. Learn more about the CLCs

The TRiO ASEMS program is for STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math). The program consists of a first year success course as well as regular peer mentor meetings.  Program workshops focus on skills that UA students need, including time management, test taking, and applying for scholarships. Learn more about TRiO ASEMS

The Eller Experience is designed for students with a declared major within the Eller College of Management. The Eller Experience allows students to meet one-on-one with staff who will focus on career readiness and help students find a successful place in the workforce upon graduation.