AZA Mentor Program

The Arizona Mentors program pairs incoming University of Arizona students with faculty, in the hopes of easing each student's transition into college and helping to pave the way towards their long-term success.  Mentors are paired with their mentees at the beginning of the school year, based on common interests and/or academic discipline. We strongly recommend that mentees and mentors connect at least twice a semester. Outcomes have been immensely positive, as many mentors and mentees have constructed lasting, mutually beneficial relationships built upon a foundation of support.

If you're an incoming student and are interested in having a mentor, please click to register to be an Arizona Mentors mentee.

If you're a faculty or staff member and are interested in mentoring, please click to volunteer to be an Arizona Mentor.


Mentor/Mentee Meetings

We expect that students enrolled in the program initiate contact with their mentors. We ask that mentors, however, complete the online information form to share details about their interactions with their mentees. This information helps Academic Success & Achievement staff members understand recurring questions, students' needs, and what mentees and mentors may be experiencing. In the event that a student brings a mentor the Mentor Meeting Form, completing the online form is not necessary.




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